Join Our Cause

Contact Humanities Artwork at to partner with us, and join our family of artists, designers, engineers and more as we use our art to make a difference to this world.

We will work with you to put your artwork on numerous different products; from clothing and accessories, to home furnishings. With each sale you will not only take home the main percentage of the profit, but also know your artwork has helped our cause. 

Our cause is ensuring the artist of the paintings or graphic designs take home more profit using the art they've created. A painting, can be scanned and then digitally placed onto so many items. Why not use the art you've created on more than just a canvas? That's what we do, but only with your approval. After you've scanned in your work, send it to us and we will go to work placing it on different items. To ensure we have appropriately used your art, we will first review it with you to ensure it has been placed to your liking. 

Why waste most of your time figuring out how to run a business? Let us do that for you and make you profit!