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Humanities Artwork is not your typical profit churning sales store. It’s an idea that aims at addressing the inter-cultural and intra-cultural gaps currently dividing Homo Sapiens. These differences have deprived humans of inter-cultural connectivity.

As art enthusiasts. Humanity Artworks wants to bring the global ethnic arts within customers reach. We, at Humanities Artwork, would love to make the world more accepting by showcasing unique cultural crafts. We want to bridge the fault lines between different cultures by providing a platform that helps people from different ethnicities to interact, explore and experience each other and  move towards a more inclusive world!

Humanities Artwork aims to bridge the gap between cultures by helping people from different ethnicities to explore eachother’s culinary, visual, apparel, musical, and other art pieces. The goal is to create an inclusive platform where artists (again from diverse cultural backgrounds) can share their art pieces and garner multi cultural appreciations. This startup is a beacon of a change and a step towards a progressive society.

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