Many artist will spend a lot of time on creating a masterpiece. Generate Passive income with every piece of art you create. 

Passive Income

Here you can use that masterpiece to generate additional passive income by giving HumanitiesArtwork a scan of your artwork to be used on different products to make a profit. 

Artist Consent

Don't worry, nothing will be posted without your permission. What we place your art on has to be approved by you, prior to being listed on our site. We will have you sign a contract to ensure your art can only be used with your permission. 

Listing Fees - There are none

The first 100 artist on our website have no website fees. All the work will be done for them. All artist after the first 100 still have no fees. The fees are covered only if your artwork sells, which means we have to put in the work to make your art sell.

The Process

  • Place your name and email address in the boxes below. Then type letting us know the type of artwork you create and the types of items you'd like to see it on.
    • If you have any more questions about how the process works let us know at the end of your message. 
  • We will send over a contract for you to read and sign prior to you sending us your art.
  • After listing your art, if you're interested we will set you up with an artist biography section to draw attention to your work on any other social media sites you may have.
    • Depending on how many artist are in the queue already we will go to work to get your art listed. 
  • Once the art is up, we will give you a site link to place on your social media sites so that you can share your work and gain traction on your artwork faster. 


    • Artist take 60-80% depending on your marketing cost. 
    • Humanities Artwork 5% of the profit.
    • Designers take 5% of the profit.
    • 10-30% of the profit goes to Marketing of your products.
      • You may wonder why so much, but we've determined that for 3 months it is necessary to market your products to a high degree in order to get your products profitable.

    What is there to lose? Get started now by filling out the information below to find out more.