Stop seeing borders, start seeing Humans!

The planet earth has witnessed some serious changes on its surface over the period of last two centuries- whether these changes are good or bad is a subjective question. Although inovation and technology has rendered the world as global village, but the invisible wall of inter-civilizational, inter-cultural, inter-linguistic, inter-religious, inter-racial differences survived these changes. It is a sad fact that policies of this world are being shaped by some few thousands, but the preception that they build about one another falsely tries to represent the preception of 7.9 Billion people on this planet. Policies around the world are based upon political, economic, and strategic incentives rather than social or humanitaranian grounds. Resultantly, we see war in this world, we see hunger, we see chaos, we see states failing, we start building gaps based on aforementioned differences only because we interpret from what we see, read, listen, or watch. What we dangerously overlook during all this process is this point that who shapes over preceptions? Who builds narratives? Who pictures human as good or bad? What makes us think that a guy sitting in that country is our friend, and a person sitting in this country is our enemy? These are the questions that will make one rethink the whole concept of how states work.

The important question from this short note is that what can be done to undo the damage done to humans?

We, at Humanities Artwork, believe that bringing people from across the world closer is the key to chaging the media-based prespectives. We aim to provide a plateform that allows artists and designers from different cultures to show their culture to us and we show out culture to them thereby bridging the wide gap created by the borders. We, at Humanities Artwork, believe that this world is a and the only place for human beings; therefore, it should be a place of harmony, love, and understanding of differnet cultures as they are. We want people to stop seeing borders, and start seeing humans! Be a part of our cause to promote universal harmony in the world!

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